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In next days we will send supps from org to indonesian players who helped us during server, every player will get ammount counted on his effort for Indonesia, if you dont have limits/medkits for that, give supps to any indonesian player.
Edit : I'm sending supps almost daily, so if you got something, its probably not all, you will get more as soon as all others get some ammount too.
Indonesia Org posted 4 months ago

Happy new year to everyone!
Dont forget that we still fight, join #harm.indo for supplies.
Indonesia Org posted 4 months ago

Dont hit in debuff regions, dont hit against Russia especially. Priority is to payback every betrayal from our "allies", everyone who found themselfs here expect us, you will feel much more pain than "real" enemies
#harm.indo Join for supplies.
Indonesia Org posted 4 months ago

3 days till rws are over, we are calling everyone to come on chat #harm.indo and take full q5 supps-free for T1 DMG. If you are not available to join on channel, feel free to PM Mungos2001 with limits and you'll get supplies as soon as possible.
Also Indonesia Org is buying Q5 Weps for 0.36(whole stocks)

Lets finish this.
Indonesia Org posted 5 months ago

Indonesia is recruiting! Full supps (q5 weps for stronger fighters), no need work/no need to be in MU, just T1 fighting.
We also buying Q5 Wep for 0.35.
Indonesia Org posted 5 months ago

We're calling everyone to back to active mode, there is just 17 days till RWs are over and we need full activity.
Also Indonesia is recruiting, for strong players Q5 supps daily.
Indonesia Org posted 5 months ago

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